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Veranda Vator Cargo Lift

Dual cables are one of our most important technical features. A single 1/4" stainless steel cable has a breaking strength of 6,400 pounds. For added security, we use two. Furthermore, we protect these cables from damage by using a grooved cable winder. Cables can be their own worst enemies when they are free to double wrap. Top layers of cables become cutting edges for lower layers, which causes premature failure. Our cable winders ensure that cables always wind in a single layer.

In addition to using dual cables, we also use a slack cable brake. The brake is spring-loaded and connects directly to the cables. If cable tension is interrupted due to a failure, the brake instantly responds and prevents the car from falling. This feature also prevents the car from falling due to a gearbox issue.

Our dual mast is also important. Cargo lifts with a single mast tend to use the mast as a pivot-point rather than a guide. By using two masts we eliminate sway, making the carriage very stable.

The Veranda 'vator cargo lift is fast. We understand that 5 to 6 minutes’ time for a full cycle can add up, especially when you have multiple packages to transport. Travel from ground level to second floor takes less than a minute for most installations.

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