We keep you moving…and in the home you love.

That is our motto because we lived through looking for people to help us when we needed disability equipment to stay in our home! Adaptive Mobility Solutions/Veon is a family and veteran owned small business built from the ground up to meet the mobility needs of eastern NC.

In a land long ago...2017 to be exact, Mike was working up in VA Beach after being honorably discharged from the NAVY for Mobility Superstore, racking up accolades and certifications by the boatload. He realized that he wanted to move closer to our parents in Washington and moved his family (3 daughters, God help him, and wife Julie) down. 

Meanwhile, Dave was retired from owning Culligan Water Conditioning but not ready to stop working. He was tinkering around with patenting some UV devices and helping Bonnie with her mobility changes and found that there was no one to sell, install, or repair mobility equipment in the area. With Mike’s plan to move closer, knowledge of mobility equipment, and Dave’s business acumen and ownership experience the idea for a mobility company serving Eastern NC was born! A few months later Kristen came on board to do the paperwork and the trifecta was complete.



Dave is an avid creator and inventor with a knack for finding a solution to any problem.  He is a long time Gideon and relishes playing his guitar oftentimes with the Beaufort County MC. He is Married to Bonnie and enjoys spending his time with his many children and grandchildren who range in age from 42-7. Dave is proud to be able to keep people moving, even when life presents challenges. 

Mike is an Operation Iraqi freedom Veteran, husband, and father.  He also can build “an airplane out of popsicle sticks and bubblegum” and is able to fix anything mechanical thrown his way. He enjoys shooting firearms any playing the guitar, (sometimes with Dave). He always is there to help people in need and can be counted on to solve the most vexing problems with a unique and practical solution. 

Kristen (Dave’s daughter and Mike’s sister) is married with 3 teenagers and 3 dogs. Pray for her. After moving about the country teaching middle school with her family she settled in NH and joined Mike and Dave. She brings organization to the chaos of mechanical minds.  She enjoys a good novel (or a bad one) and loves the beach.  Joining Dave and Mike gives her the opportunity to get to know many people and help them stay in the homes that they love so much.


We can be reached by phone at 252-623-2102 or via email by writing to us through our secured contact page.

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Adaptive Mobility Solutions proudly serves the needs of customers locally in eastern NC and throughout the country.