At Adaptive Mobility Solutions, we know that some repairs for mobility equipment can wait, but others need to be done quickly. Our highly trained technicians can fix a variety of equipment quickly and efficiently, from simple items like wheelchairs and ramps to more complex systems like lifts and elevators. We're committed to providing reliable, professional, and timely repair services to ensure that our clients can continue to live their lives confidently and independently.


We provide emergency repair services for all mobility systems, whether you bought them from us or another company. Our highly skilled technicians carry out these repairs quickly to fix your equipment as soon as possible.

 To schedule immediate service for your equipment or learn more about the measures we take to complete repairs quickly, get in touch with our staff today and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Adaptive Mobility Solutions is based in Washington, NC and proudly serves the needs of customers throughout the entire surrounding area.  We can be reached by phone at 252-623-2102 during regular office hours, or any time via email by visiting our contact page

We can be reached by phone at 252-623-2102 or via email by writing to us through our secured contact page.

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Adaptive Mobility Solutions proudly serves the needs of customers locally in eastern NC and throughout the country.