Whether used to simplify accessibility for those with mobility challenges, or in settings such as loading or unloading cargo and vehicles, ramps play an integral role in the day-to-day life of countless individuals.  But make no mistake, not all ramps are created equal.  Even the most seemingly mundane design flaw or installation oversight can have catastrophic results.  At Adaptive Mobility Solutions, we take great pride in manufacturing a line of superior, highly durable ramps to make life easier and more confident for those who rely on them.

Adaptive Mobility Solutions offers one of the most extensive selections of premium-grade accessibility ramps, each one made right here in the USA using the most advanced process and finest materials available.  Here’s just a sampling of the many innovative ramps we provide.

  • Affordable elevation ramps, including multi-folds and on-track ramps
  • A wide selection of roll ramps for wheelchairs, ATVs, scooters and more
  • Pet ramps to make accessing vehicles less challenging for your furry friends
  • Solid ramps, van ramps and specialty ramps for thresholds of all dimensions
  • Fully customized wheelchair ramps uniquely designed to fit your property
  • Highly-durable modular ramps in a diverse range of sizes and configurations

Taking chances on a discount ramp isn’t always the bargain it seems to be.  Many are made from cheap materials in other parts of the world, and simply can’t sustain the high level of use many rely on.  AMS ramps are designed to perform, built to last, and offer tremendous value at surprisingly affordable prices.  Our portable ramps start at just $45/foot, while our modular versions start at $175/foot.  To learn more or get expert assistance from our staff, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.

Adaptive Mobility Solutions is located at 601 W. 5th Street in Washington, NC and proudly serves the needs of customers local and throughout the United states.  We can be reached by phone at 252-623-2102 or via e-mail by filling out the short form on our website’s secure contact page.